Tanisha’s Giant BC Black Bear

Congratulations Tanisha on her massive record book BC black bear she shot with BC & Beyond. Not bad for her first bear! Guided by Darren Bell.


I truly believe we have some of the best Black Bear hunting in the world.  80% of the bears taken during our 2019 spring season made the record book and we should have a clean sweep of the top Black Bear awards for the 2019 Super Slam convention.  I challenge you to find any other outfitter who can claim that.  We have piles of bears and tons of country to hunt.  We continue to only take a handful of hunters a year so that everybody gets a chance to take home a giant BC Black Bear. 

BC & B Hunters Clean Up 2019 Awards

BC & Beyond hunters took home 3 out of the 4 top Black Bear awards at the 2019 GSCO convention in Las Vegas.

A Record Book Bear for Russ

Russ Wangen almost had to cancel his BC Black Bear hunt.  A recent battle with cancer took it’s toll but he toughed it out and made his way to BC to try and harvest a Black Bear.  He did just that and not just any bear…  A truly giant record book BC Black Bear.



Another Color Phase For Gary

Our good friend Gary Chamberlain has been hunting bears with us for years…  Having harvested many black bears Gary targets only the large mature color phase boars.  He did it again this year and took home a BIG Cinnamon for his trophy room.


Bill’s Big BC Bear

Congratulations to William Smith from Midland Texas on his great Black Bear he shot with us this Spring.  It was a challenging hunt due to the unpredictable weather but Bill stayed in the game and it all came together on Day 4 of his hunt.

2016-05-13 09.35.01


Name The Game

We recently had the pleasure of guiding Levi Morgan of Name The Game TV for Mountain Goat and Black Bear.  For those of you who live under a rock, Levi is considered one of the greatest bow shots ever to walk the earth.  Not only is he an amazing shot but he proved to be a beast in the mountains.  Same goes for his brother and camera guy Micah Morgan, who is an accomplished hunter as well, and after breaking his arm on the mountain on day 1 still hung in there and finished out the hunt.  BC & BEYOND Outdoor Adventures guided Levi to a great Mountain Goat and a GIANT Black Bear during the week he was here, completing his Super 10 award.  We had an awesome time with them and can’t wait to hunt with them again.

Levi Morgan's Mountain GoatDarren Bell & Levi MorganGoat Guides Darren Bell & Marty LoringLevi's Record Book Black BearDarren Bell, Marty Loring, & Levi Morgan

Larry’s Big BC Bear

Larry Edginton from Mather California joined us this spring for his first ever Black Bear hunt.  After looking over a number of Bears, Larry and his guide Sheldon Souter found this beautiful old boar.  Larry now has a great trophy to bring back to CA, and Sheldon has yet another record book bear to add to his guiding resume.

photo 2 (Large) (Small)

Small Hunter… BIG BEAR

Bev Hamilton might not be very big but she shoots a very big gun.  And shoots it well!  On the first day of her hunt she connected with this large mature boar. Guided by Marty Loring.

2015-05-11 028 (Small)2015-05-11 004 (Small)

Never Too Old

79 yr old Dr Che Park from CA, USA joined us this fall to try his hand at fall bear hunting.  Together with his guide Darren Bell they seen 78 bears during the hunt, proving what we at BC & Beyond already knew…  This region has more bears than ANYWHERE in North America.  After a hair raising stock,  Che made a perfect shot on a huge BC Black Bear.

DSCN1144 (Small)