Want an adrenalin rush? Then come hunt the largest antlered animal the during the rut!
They can be 7 feet at the shoulder and weighing over 1000lbs, nothing gets the hart pumping like a Bull Moose coming to a call. 

Prince George has the largest Moose population in the province. Our Moose hunts take place in late September and run to mid October when the Moose are rutting and can be called into close range making it a perfect hunt for bow hunters.  Our average bull is between 40 & 45″, however  moose in the 50″ + range have been taken.  Our Moose hunts can be combined with Mule Deer, Elk, Black Bear, and Wolf.

BC and Beyond Outdoor Adventures Moose Hunts:

  • 8 Day Hunts
  • Booking for Sept/Oct
  • 1×1 (1 hunter 1 guide) =  $9900.00
  • 2×1 (2 hunters 1 guide) = $8900.00
  • Prices do not include tax, NRHPF, license & tags

The guides at BC&B are well trained in trophy field care because Marty, one of the owners and operators of BC&B, is an experienced taxidermist with his own full service taxidermy studio here in Prince George. Marty is experienced in shipping trophies all around the world. Trophy care on your Moose hunt will include caping, fleshing and salting of all hides. Antlers must be prepared and shipped to you.