Hunt Info

Travel Information

 You will be flying into (YXS) Prince George, British Columbia, Canada via (YVR) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Air Canada and WestJet are the two main carriers in Prince George with 9 direct flights daily. When flying through Vancouver, you should allow yourself at least a 2 hr layover to clear customs, some clients have missed connecting flights due to delays.

  • We recommend you arrive in Prince George a day prior to your hunt start date.
  • We recommend you arrange to fly out of Prince George a day after your final hunt date. Please email us a copy of your itinerary for our records.
  • We will make reservations at the Bon Voyage Inn (250-964-2333) for the night you arrive in PG and the last night of your hunt. We ask that you pay for the night you arrive and we will pay for the last night of your hunt.
  • Once you arrive in PG, BC & B will pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel. If you arrive on a late flight we will arrange to have a shuttle at the airport to take you to the hotel.  The cost of the shuttle will depend on how much luggage you have. The following morning your guide will pick you up at the hotel and take you to base camp, unless you are staying and hunting from the hotel (Winter Predator Hunts) in which case the hotel will be your base camp.  If you are traveling to base camp from the hotel, It will be an approx. 40 min drive.  Along the way you will stop to line in your rifle or bow before you start hunting. Please note that we will need to know the arrival and departure times of your flight as well as your room number.

Pre-trip Paperwork / Firearms

All your hunting license and species tags will be pre-purchased prior to your arrival. You must also register your firearms at Customs upon entry into Canada. A Non-Resident Firearms Declaration form  will need to be filled out and present it to Canada Customs upon entry into Canada. You will be required to pay a $50.00 Canadian fee. Do not sign this document until requested to do so by the Customs Agent. 

Please fill out and return to BC & B:

1. Signed Waiver

2. BC & B Client Info Form

BC & B’s Wounded Game Policy & Guide Follow Up Shots

We have great respect for the animals we hunt so if a mistake is made and one is fatally wounded and not recovered the hunter will be forced to cut his tag or pay the trophy fee. However, if we determine that the animal will survive you will be able to continue your hunt for that species.  The BC & B staff will do absolutely everything possible to recover the animal.  Please note that during our bear hunts especially, you can expect our guides to follow up after your shot if they feel the shot was not placed well, or if the bear is heading for thick cover.  Bears are incredibly tough animals and for obvious reasons, we do not want our guides or hunters to be put in any kind of danger by having to track down a wounded bear or have them suffer any more than they have too.  Once the animal has been shot the guide will approach the trophy by himself unless he is 100% sure it has expired.  This is very important with the Bear hunters… if a Bear heads into the timber after the shot the guide will go after the Bear alone.  Once the guide has determined it’s safe he will bring the hunter to the downed animal.   If our wounded game or follow up policy is a problem then please let us know before the hunt starts.

Physical Requirements for Your Hunt

Generally speaking, the better shape you are in the higher your chances of success are.  If you let us know beforehand that you just will not be able to sustain a rigorous hunt we can plan the hunt around that.  We all have limitations and our staff will make every effort possible to help you harvest that trophy animal.


It is only possible to take large quantities of meat home if you are driving to/from Prince George. All commercial airlines refuse to haul large quantities of meat. Any meat left behind will be utilized for camp or donated to the local charity. No meat will ever be wasted. If you do decide to drive we ask that you bring a few empty plastic totes and some game bags for your meat.


What you decide to tip a person is between you and them. For the guide 10% of the hunt cost is average, depending on their level of service. Our guides and staff work long hours and guide because they love it. Cash is always great, but so are hunting/outdoor products that you can part with. Again, tipping is not required but is greatly appreciated. If you do not feel your guide deserves a tip, let us know.


A 50% deposit is required to book a hunt less than 1 calendar year out. Hunts booked more than 1 year out require a 25% deposit. The final payment is due before the start of your hunt. If a replacement hunt cannot be rebooked, the deposit is non-refundable, but it can be transferred to another party.

Trophy Fees

Make sure you bring sufficient funds for trophy fees if they apply to your hunt. We prefer the trophy fees to be cash, however, bank drafts/cashiers checks or traveler’s check will work.

Licenses and Tags

The price of your license and tags are not included in the price of the hunt. We will purchase those for you before you arrive in camp. The license fees must be paid before the start of the hunt. If you want to purchase additional tags, please let us know in advance. We do not allow hunters to shoot game and then purchase the tag for it. After you receive your licenses/tags make sure you sign them.

Royalty Fees

Royalty Fees are also not included in the price of the hunt. These are fees charged by our Government once a big game animal is harvested. If for some reason you do not harvest an animal your Royalty Fees will be refunded.

The Non-Resident Hunting Preservation Fund

Helping to Ensure Non-Residents Have Hunting Opportunities the (NRHPF) has been established by the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) to provide the funding necessary to help ensure that non-residents will continue to have the opportunity to hunt in British Columbia, NWT, Yukon, and Nunavut.  Hunting in general and hunting by non-residents, in particular, is coming under increasing pressure in BC from anti-hunters and land-use conflicts. The anti-hunting movement which has been very active in many areas of the US has become more effective in the Canadian northwest. The activists are well-funded and are gaining influence with both politicians and the public – their long-term objective is to stop hunting.  As a result, the Non-Resident Hunting Preservation Fund  (NRHPF) has been established to assist GOABC in demonstrating the benefits of hunting truce conservation. GOABC is the only organization in BC working to ensure the non-resident hunting opportunities continue.  Every GOABC member collects $150.00 ($250.00 for our region starting in 2014) from each non-resident client in BC.  The Yukon and Northwest Territories also administer and similar NRHPF programs. The fee is collected by the guide outfitter and forwarded to GOABC.  If you have any questions or concerns about the NRHPF fee please contact GOABC at Tel: 604 541-6332 or email:

After The Hunt – Exporting Your Trophy

Thanks to our pain-in-the-ass Federal & Provincial Gov’t, it is getting more and more complicated to get our clients trophies to them.  We know this is an extremely important part of the hunt and after dealing with various brokers over the years we have recently started dealing with the exporting on our end to ensure there are no hiccups in the process. Our hunters can rest easy knowing that we are making sure that their trophies are being dealt with properly and in a timely fashion.  Prices will depend on the size of the shipment and type of export permit needed. Significant paperwork is required, especially for the CITES animals, that will need to be properly filed in order to qualify for the permits.  In addition to the shipping charges, Wildlife Export Permit fees will run $80 and CITES Permit fees $125.  Customs will also charge an additional $90 per trophy to have it inspected at the border. Permits can take up to 6 months to receive so please be patient and we will get your trophy out to you asap.