Larry’s Big BC Bear

Larry Edginton from Mather California joined us this spring for his first ever Black Bear hunt.  After looking over a number of Bears, Larry and his guide Sheldon Souter found this beautiful old boar.  Larry now has a great trophy to bring back to CA, and Sheldon has yet another record book bear to add to his guiding resume.

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Trophy Black Bear

Turning down some great bears during his hunt,  Steve Hamilton was looking for something special.  On the last day of the hunt Steve and his guide Marty Loring came across this ancient old monarch.  One of the oldest bears we have guided and should easily make the record books.

2015-05-15 021 (Small)

3 REAL BEAUTIES!… and 3 bears too

Marty from BCB has been busy guiding three wonderful ladies to there first black bears.  First off was his cousin Kalea from Merritt B.C.  After three hard days of hunting Kalea made a great 100 yard frontal chest shot and was rewarded with a big scared up  boar that squared 6ft 11”.   Next up was Marty’s girlfriend Ashley.  Accompanied with her two boys they were able spot a shooter  boar and stalk to within a 100 yards. She hit the bear high in the back just clipping the bears spine. After a well placed follow up shot Ash was standing over a good mature boar that squared 6 1\2 feet.  After missing a good portion of last years spring bear season and passing on a 5    1\2 foot boar on the last day last year it was very rewarding.  To have her two young lads with her was very special also.
Lastly was Ami from Prince George.  After having no luck getting a crack at a good bear in several attempts with other so called guides they headed out in one of Marty’s honey holes. She made a great 80 yards shoulder shot on a good boar that was with a sow.  The bear being hit through both lungs only made it about 10 feet before expiring. To say that Ami was excited is an under statement.  This was her first big game animal and I’m sure not the last.   Marty said it was an absolute blast guiding all three gorgeous women to there first bears. They are all great marksmen and good fun chicks.