Larry’s Big BC Bear

Larry Edginton from Mather California joined us this spring for his first ever Black Bear hunt.  After looking over a number of Bears, Larry and his guide Sheldon Souter found this beautiful old boar.  Larry now has a great trophy to bring back to CA, and Sheldon has yet another record book bear to add to his guiding resume.

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Trophy Black Bear

Turning down some great bears during his hunt,  Steve Hamilton was looking for something special.  On the last day of the hunt Steve and his guide Marty Loring came across this ancient old monarch.  One of the oldest bears we have guided and should easily make the record books.

2015-05-15 021 (Small)

Small Hunter… BIG BEAR

Bev Hamilton might not be very big but she shoots a very big gun.  And shoots it well!  On the first day of her hunt she connected with this large mature boar. Guided by Marty Loring.

2015-05-11 028 (Small)2015-05-11 004 (Small)

Never Too Old

79 yr old Dr Che Park from CA, USA joined us this fall to try his hand at fall bear hunting.  Together with his guide Darren Bell they seen 78 bears during the hunt, proving what we at BC & Beyond already knew…  This region has more bears than ANYWHERE in North America.  After a hair raising stock,  Che made a perfect shot on a huge BC Black Bear.

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It’s Big…it’s Brown… and it’s DOWN.

Prostaffer Darren Bell took time off from guide / outfitting and found a Blackwater giant for himself.




The Gift Bull

I was sound asleep beside my spotting scope when fellow BC & B pro staffer Sheldon Souter woke me from my dream.  “Caribou bull on the lake!” he half whispered, half shouted.  I must be dreaming,  after all we just returned from a grueling 2 day hike into a drainage that was known for giant mountain caribou and never laid eyes on a single bull.  It would be just too good to be true to have one make its way down to the lake we had our base camp on.  The bull was straight across the lake from us polishing up his rack on a pine tree.  “Is he legal Darren?”  Sheldon asked.  In BC a legal Caribou bull must have at least six points up top, or 5 and a back sticker point.  “Hells ya…” I replied…If by legal you mean 380+ inches of horn then ya, I thought to myself.  Sheldon took a quick look through the spotter and I watched his eyes go wide.  Only problem was he was 600 yards across the lake.  I would love to have one of those 50lb, best of the west scud missile launcher style rifles right now instead of our short barrelled mountain rifles.  What are the odds of us paddling our little aluminum boat all the way to the other side without him spooking off???   That was our only option so off we went on the longest, most stressful boat rides of our lives.  It took forever but we finally made it.  The bull was still too busy destroying trees on the edge of the lake to even notice us so Sheldon crawled up a small hill and found a rest, then patiently waited for the bull to turn broadside.  The rest is in the books….  the record books.



Sheldon and his BC Mountain Caribou 





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British Columbia Safari!

Our friend Mirek from Czech Republic joined us last fall for a late September hunt.  Having tags for everything with fur or feathers, Mirek and his guide Marty Loring racked up an impressive amount of trophies in his ten day hunt.  Mirek successfully harvested a bull moose, 2 bears- a black and a 2nd color phase bear,  coyote, upland game birds, and had opportunities at wolf, and mule deer!



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