Late Season Mountain Goat

Winter goat hunts, while not for the faint of hart, can be incredibly rewarding. We are lucky in British Columbia to be able to hunt Mountain Goat in some areas of the province right until the end of Feb. This allows for a unique test of a hunters will and determination. If you can brave the weather, & steep icy climbs, you will be rewarded with a long haired trophy of a lifetime.

A Boone & Crockett Mountain Goat

Tanisha’s Giant BC Black Bear

Congratulations Tanisha on her massive record book BC black bear she shot with BC & Beyond. Not bad for her first bear! Guided by Darren Bell.

Trophy Awards 2019

BC & BEYOND Outdoor Adventures

Once again, BC & BEYOND dominated all the top Black Bear awards for 2019. Congratulations to our hunters on taking some absolute giants last season.

BC Safari

Our new friend Mikhail joined us all the way from Spain for a late-season, multi-species hunt.  Mikhail ended up harvesting a Mountain Goat, Wolf, Lynx, and a Black Bear. 


Eduardo’s Excellent Adventure

I believe what separates us from our competitors is our multispecies opportunities.  For example, Eduardo joined us from Oregan this fall and had tags for Moose, Black Bear, Deer, and Wolf.  During his 8 day hunt, Eduardo harvested big bull Moose, a giant Black Bear, Coyote, and had opportunities at Wolf, and Deer.

BC & B Hunters Clean Up 2019 Awards

BC & Beyond hunters took home 3 out of the 4 top Black Bear awards at the 2019 GSCO convention in Las Vegas.

Epic Elk Hunt

Our new friend George Bierman joined us this past season to try and harvest a big BC Rocky Mountain Elk.  George has hunted Elk lots in the past, and has taken some great bulls.  He really liked the mass and dark antlers our bulls have in central BC and was hoping to add one to his trophy room.  We only take 2 bulls a year out of of our herd so finding a mature bull is not hard to do.  Below is George’s bull…  exactly what he wanted a dark horned heavy BC Bull Elk.


We have BIG Cats!

Pro Staffer Darren Bell takes a SCI Gold Medal Lynx. 

2 Down 11,000 To Go!

While setting up a bait station for an upcoming Wolf hunt, Marty stumbled onto a pack of Wolves we have been after for some time.  He managed to take a beautiful black and a grey within an hr of each other. 

Gary’s first BC Bull Moose

Gary Chamberlain has been hunting with us since the beginning. He has killed some amazing Spring bears with us over the years but has never joined us for a fall hunt.  We finally convinced him to join us in 2017 for an Oct for Moose hunt.  Gary has hunted Moose before in BC with other outfitters, but due to some bad luck has never been successful.  We promised him we would change his luck and that’s exactly what happened on day 4 of his hunt.  His guide Rick Berreth called in a great old bull and Gary made quick work of him.  Congrates to Gary on finally getting his BC Bull Moose!