Pro Staff

BC & Beyond Outdoor Adventures specializes in high-quality big game hunts in British Columbia. Our guides have decades of combined experience hunting all species of big game within BC.  Being hard-core hunters ourselves we know that having the right guide can make or break the hunt.  Which is why we employ only the best guides in the industry.

Marty Loring 
Manager / Guide

Marty Loring is a full-time taxidermist and international hunter who has many record book animals to his credit. A World Hunting Award winner as well as a finalist for the coveted SCI Carlo Caldesi Award, Marty brings to the table an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience.

Darren Bell
Director of Operations / Guide

Darren Bell has been in the outdoors industry since he was legally able to carry a rifle. A passionate mountain hunter and gear freak, he has been guiding hunters now for over 2 decades. In the past, Darren has worked for many of the best outfitters in BC and the NWT and uses the skills he has learned to help us provide the best possible experience for our hunters.

Bev Lewis
Camp Coordinator 

Bev is in charge of making sure our camps run smoothly and efficiently.  Her years of working in the hospitality industry is a huge asset to BC & B and keeps our hunters happy and coming back year after year.

Sheldon Souter 

Sheldon Souter is an experienced hunter who works hard to ensure all his clients are successful. Quick fact… Over half of the bears Sheldon has guided has made the record books! 

Rick Berreth

Rick Berreth is a successful author and official Boone & Crockett measurer for the province of BC. Author of the popular book “Trophy Deer of British Columbia”, nobody has seen or scored as many giant B&C animals as Rick. His ability to field judge big game is remarkable and a true asset to the company.

Ryan Zanette

Ryan Zanette is known for getting it done when others can’t. An experienced bow hunter who’s drive & determination will ensure his client’s success.