Name The Game

We recently had the pleasure of guiding Levi Morgan of Name The Game TV for Mountain Goat and Black Bear.  For those of you who live under a rock, Levi is considered one of the greatest bow shots ever to walk the earth.  Not only is he an amazing shot but he proved to be a beast in the mountains.  Same goes for his brother and camera guy Micah Morgan, who is an accomplished hunter as well, and after breaking his arm on the mountain on day 1 still hung in there and finished out the hunt.  BC & BEYOND Outdoor Adventures guided Levi to a great Mountain Goat and a GIANT Black Bear during the week he was here, completing his Super 10 award.  We had an awesome time with them and can’t wait to hunt with them again.

Levi Morgan's Mountain GoatDarren Bell & Levi MorganGoat Guides Darren Bell & Marty LoringLevi's Record Book Black BearDarren Bell, Marty Loring, & Levi Morgan

“The Hunt” Documentary

Watch as The History Channel’s film crew follow Marty Loring on a Kodiak Island Brown Bear hunt.


2015 Wolf Hunt

Pat Dooley has wanted to harvest a Wolf for years.  After repeated trips to Alaska and British Columbia he finally had his dream come true.  BC & BEYOND Outdoor Adventures put Pat on a wolf on the very last day of his BC predator hunt.  Pat and his wife Cindy have taken a huge Lynx, Coyotes, and now a Wolf with BC & B.  We can’t wait for them to come back for another adventure! Guided by Darren Bell & Marty Loring.

Wolf 3 (Medium)DSCN0980 (Medium)Wolf 1 (Medium)IMAG0045_BURSTSHOT002_1 (Medium)

Doug’s Cat

Congratulations to Doug Schofhauser from Bend Oregon on his beautiful BC Lynx. Guided by Marty LoringIMG_6807_2 (Medium)

IMG_6807_6 (Medium) (2)

Father & Son Trophy Bear Hunt

This spring we had the pleasure of hunting with John & Connor Ottman a father and son team.  Accomplished hunters and great shots they both brought back trophy bears to Montana.  Great guys and a great hunt…  we can’t wait to hunt with them again!  Guided by Marty Loring.


Stone Sheep Adventure

Being a resident of BC we get to hunt some amazing country,  none more beautiful than a recent Stone Sheep hunt BC & B Pro Staffers Darren Bell & Marty Loring undertook.  Rumors of giant rams in brutally rugged terrain, with a volcano,  huge cinder cones, and ice and lava fields….. That’s all we needed to here.


Sheep Hunt 2010 024Sheep Hunt 2010 028









After hiking over 30km’s just to reach sheep country, our hard work was finally rewarded when we found a group of rams with a couple of potential shooters.





We watch them for while before Darren decided on an older ram with a beautiful dark cape.  The remainder of the hunt was spent trying to find Marty a worthy stone.




After looking over a number of legal rams that most hunters would never turn down, we ran out of time and headed back down to meet our plane.  A tough hunt in a beautiful place, with over 80km’s traveled on foot.  An adventure we will never forget.