Father & Son Trophy Bear Hunt

This spring we had the pleasure of hunting with John & Connor Ottman a father and son team.  Accomplished hunters and great shots they both brought back trophy bears to Montana.  Great guys and a great hunt…  we can’t wait to hunt with them again!  Guided by Marty Loring.


It’s Big…it’s Brown… and it’s DOWN.

Prostaffer Darren Bell took time off from guide / outfitting and found a Blackwater giant for himself.




Chris’s Curse

This past spring we had the pleasure of hunting with Col Chris Hastings from San Diego, CA.  Chris was hoping to end a what he called “curse”,  that had been plaguing him for years when it comes to hunting black bear.  He was after a large mature bear and his guide Marty Loring was up for the challenge. Together they were able to rid him of his jinx on the 2nd day of his hunt.