Trophy Awards 2019

BC & BEYOND Outdoor Adventures

Once again, BC & BEYOND dominated all the top Black Bear awards for 2019. Congratulations to our hunters on taking some absolute giants last season.

BC Safari

Our new friend Mikhail joined us all the way from Spain for a late-season, multi-species hunt.  Mikhail ended up harvesting a Mountain Goat, Wolf, Lynx, and a Black Bear. 


Eduardo’s Excellent Adventure

I believe what separates us from our competitors is our multispecies opportunities.  For example, Eduardo joined us from Oregan this fall and had tags for Moose, Black Bear, Deer, and Wolf.  During his 8 day hunt, Eduardo harvested big bull Moose, a giant Black Bear, Coyote, and had opportunities at Wolf, and Deer.

Snake & Doc’s Excellent Adventure

Mike Jr & Mike Sr Passaglia (aka Doc & Snake) a father and son team from CA,  joined us for a spring black bear hunt this past spring.  They had three tags to fill, both wanting large mature black bears, and if possible, Doc had a 2nd bear tag and was hoping for a color phase.  Doc started it of by harvesting a huge 7ft boar on day 1 and a 6ft + Chocolate on day 2.  Snake, not wanting to be showed up by his old man, waited until the last day to harvest another BC giant that squared over 7ft.  Both black bears will make the record books.  Watch for an upcoming article on their hunt in GSCO superslam magazine.  Guided by Sheldon Souter.








2 Hunters… 2 Days… 2 Giant Color Phase BC Bears

We first met Gary Chamberlain in 2010 when he joined us for a Black Bear hunt.  After going home empty handed 3 previous years while hunting with other outfitters,  Gary’s 4 year quest to harvest a large BC color phase bear was finally completed on the very first day.  Gary has been back every year, and with his guide Rick Berreth, has taken multiple color phase with BC & B.  Chase Dunn is another return customer and an accomplished trophy hunter from Utah.  Chase has a passion for hunting big bears and has many record book entries to his credit.  On day 2 of his hunt he added yet another book bear to his collection,  a huge chocolate color phase boar.


Gary Chamberlain

Gary Chamberlain

Chase Dunn