GSCO put me in touch with my outfitter; BC & Beyond Outdoor Adventures.
I looked at their website and realized they offer several other hunts that interest me such as their Timber wolf hunts.
I’ve always wanted to kill a wolf and after several conversations with Marty Loring and Darren Bell they set me up with a wolf hunt in December of 2021.
The first day and a half we hunted out of a blind that was set up perfectly.
Although we never saw one we had fresh tracks all around us and the trails leading to it.
That evening of 12/7 Marty took us to another blind that was perfectly set up as well.
Just as the sun was setting a single black female came in to the bait and I dropped her as she was trotting.
After all these years I finally got a crack at a Timber Wolf !!
That night at Dinner Marty suggested laying off of that blind until late afternoon on 12/8 to let things settle down.
We hiked in to the blind mid afternoon Everything was quiet and still for a few hours but then it all changed!
A pack of seven or eight wolves started making their way to the bait from the timber.
Marty told me wait until the big Alpha male got to the bait.
As he started to feed the others stayed back about 300 yard waiting their turn.
As soon as he offered me a great 150 yard shot I dropped him!
He never knew what hit him.
He officially scores 17 4/16 SCI and the female achieved a Bronze award.
Needless to say I couldn’t be happier!
Now I’m planning my upcoming Black Bear hunt with Marty & Darren.

Steve Hoblick

A large Alpha Male taken by Steve Hoblick
A large Alpha Male taken by Steve Hoblick