Mike Kiker

"For a hunter raised in the woods of Alabama, this land kept me wide-eyed because around any bend might be the next sighting of something big or small... but definitely something you don't see in the south.  We saw numerous different species including Moose, Mule Deer, Whitetails, Lynx, Coyotes, and a Wolf. We saw 38 Bears in 5 days. Of the 38 Bears 9 of them were over 6ft. 25% of the total number of bears seen were shooters.  If you take the number of sows and cubs out of the equation, the percentage of trophy boar bears seen goes to 38%.  The reason behind these outstanding numbers is habitat and great management. Each year they take only six trophy bears off this vast hunting area, which, along with low hunting pressure, has proven to be the right formula for producing large Black Bears.  Another unique feature of this hunt is the amount of color phase bears it produces.  In fact, one hunter in camp who is a repeat client only takes color phase bears and has done so for several years in a row, this year included.  For me, my trophy would come on the 4th day of our hunt and would be a beautiful chocolate bear with cinnamon tipped fur.  He squared out at 6 1/2 feet and sported long cream colored claws.  I cannot say enough good things about my hunting experience with BC & Beyond. The cabins were comfortable, the food was GREAT and the fellowship with all the guides and hunters in camp was wonderful!" Mike Kiker Mikes Bear 002Mikes Bear 003